SUWU3 is a creative collective that makes live drum ’n bass with an energetic groove and interactive visuals. Technological developments combined with the different backgrounds of the members form the biggest inspiration source.

SUWU3 started in 1996 as a DJ collective with Aartcore and Mouz. Around 2000, Dresl and KC also started producing for SUWU3. SUWU3 has developed a audio-visual live set, in which lucid visuals with recognizable topics and especially humour play an important role. This whole of rhythmic video sequences and a firm portion of drum ’n bass helped them break through to the final of the ‘Grote Prijs’ of the Netherlands and to win the audience award in Paradiso. They performed all over the Netherlands and abroad, mainly in eastern Europe.

After a break of 10 years is SUWU3 back together making music and performing live!
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