Steel and Stone is a Roots-Reggae band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The band was formed in 2016 by the lead singer Brantley MacDonald. The creation of Steel and Stone happened in co-operation with Ricardo Lopes Costa and Nilson Fonseca from Mass Production Studio. This is the recording studio which provides the digital music production of Brantley MacDonald and Steel and Stone. Brantley MacDonald is responsible for the song writing, Mass Production Studio takes care of the instrumental beat production, recording and mixing and mastering of the product.
The music and sound of Steel and Stone is characterized by the use of heavy bass lines and alternative melodies. This is combined with strong and sometimes confronting lyrics which are amplified by the spiritual harmonies of the background singers.
Mass Production Studio guides and works together with Brantley MacDonald during the production process from start to finished product. This collaboration results in a new and specific sound with in the Roots-Reggae music genre.
Love and Light.