In a time were materialistic thinking is the norm, it is difficult to be creative and pure.

J. Roque da silva was born in Spijkenisse. He lived with his vader in Rotterdam, a cultural port in Holland. He was always doing things the other way. In is childhood he spend a lot of his time playing the nintendo and playstation. He loved watching his favorite cartoons like Dragon ball Z and liked to drawn them over.

When he finished school he decided to go to the Dutch Air Assault School based in Schaarsbergen in Arnhem. He thought about how he can train and become stronger and do something to help the world. But unfortunately he changed is mind when he woke up from a comato state. In his current state all he was doing what helping a system that he no longer believed in.

During his training days, he spend most of his time thinking about how he would start making music. This thought came up when he thought about a dream when he was a kid and still had a lot of creativity. He always had a passion for music and he liked to imagine that he was on playing on a big stage on a big festival. How ever, he signed a contract for 4 years. When he decided to spend all is time on the secrets of live and surrender to his inner child, his live changed really quick. He went on a spiritual journey to spark the flame of the soul again. But that wasn’t something easy to do, and so he sacrificed all his time to his passion.

Years later during mediation, there was a moment of clarity and everything was clear. It was like the first time you put on glasses with poor eyes. He realized that this voice that was tearing down his self-esteem was created by his own thoughts. Contemplating about this thought he discovered that the ego is not your true self. From that day RQUE was born. The musical warrior of earth.