Mr. Overdrive is an alternative three-headed rock band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With 2 lead vocalists, 4 strings, 32 keys and big fat drums they play energetic rock with electronic escapades. Inspired by bands as ‘De Staat’, ‘Soulwax’ and ‘Royal blood’. Mr Overdrive wants to make you dance and headbang within the same song.

Mr Overdrive was founded in 2017, as an alter ego for three musicians: Emiel (BassGuitar/LeadVocal), Jasper (BassSynth/LeadVocal) and Lex (Drums). A non-classic Powertrio with a basssynth added and the lack of guitar abolished by playing the bass through a guitar amp. Mr Overdrive quickly started producing riff-based songs, three parts rock and one part dance, while embracing their limitations.

Mr Overdrive’s 5 songs debut EP ‘A Fox, A Rabbit’ will be released June 2018.