Jessy Yasmeen Lugo (1994) known as Jessy Yasmeen is a singer-songwriter with dutch and south-american roots.
The last three years Jessy had more then 70 shows and played on big stages like Paradiso (Amsterdam), Het Paard (The Hague) and Prachtwerk (Berlin).
On the age of 10 Jessy started writing little poems. On the age of 14 these poems became lyrics about the life of a teenager in struggle. She started to combine these lyrics with her self-taught guitar play and that is how her first songs were born.

In 2017 her first single ”alone” came out. This in corporation with Martijn Groeneveld, who is known for his work with Blaudzun and John Coffey.

Jessy Yasmeen stands out because of her low authentic voice and her intimate performance. Jessy accompanies herself on electric guitar and performs with a live band, with whom she creates a unique sound.

The 5th of July 2019 she will release her debut EP ”Unchain me”. Therefor she will go to Berlin with her band (Jeroen Smelik, Sergio Leeflang, Max Wensveen and Vincent van Liempd) working with producer Matteo Pavesi, who is known for his work with Alice Phoebe Lou, audio-engineers/producers Nene Baratto and Richard Behrens in Big Snuff Studio.
Jessy can already reveal that her new work, because of the electronic sounds partly can be described as ambient.