Jaskelis stands for Jasmine Kelechi Isabel. She is a singer – songwriter. Born in Spijkenisse and raised in Rotterdam and Kotka (Finland). She has Nigerian Dutch and Finnish roots. At the moment she is a law student at the University of Leiden.

At a very young age she discovered her passion for writing. “ I didn’t speak, I wrote”. It wasn’t until the age of 11 that she started sharing her poems and songs with the world.

She participated in many talents shows, such as the junior song contest, X-factor and beat it over the years. But it were the non-tv talent shows that really made her the artist she is today. She considers the Music Matters awards in 2011 to be her personal musical renaissance. It was at this point she acknowledged that music is not a hobby nor passion, it is her way of life.

Throughout the years she faced a lot of personal difficulties which music helped me overcome. Every song written by Jaskelis is based on her personal experiences.
“ I am not to be put in a box “. When it comes to music genres she is very unpredictable. “ I make what I feel”, she says. That could be a very intimate soul song, but it could also be a UK garage track.