Rotterdam’s DJ Shanodin has been an part of the bass community since 2004. Next to being a DJ and promoter,
she’s creating awesome & intricately detailed illust rations for various outlets and media as an illustrator and
Graphic Designer.
Shanodin got a release signed to her name on Engine Records in the form of “Afternoon Delight” & “Angel Eyes”,
which was a collaboration with Noisia and came out in 2006 on vinyl.
Played at Subway, Raveland, Classified, PRSPCT, QBASE and many more, Shanodin is surely gonna give your
eardrums a well needed massage. Placed on the harder side of the colourful spectrum of Bass Music, she sure
knows how to make the floors explode with her trademark mix of high-voltage floor slamming DnB, Jungle and
UKBass. Expect the unexpected and you might be prepared!